History ,Change

Our family farm was established in 1950, when my great-grandfather bought 500 hectares next to river Sebou, not far from the historic city of Fez - where I was born twenty years later.   

After a career as a surgeon, in 1986, my father planted our current 82 hectares with citrus trees. Oranges mostly. Following in my father’ footsteps, I too became a surgeon and citrus farmer. But of course things change in new hands and seasons.  link

In recent years our farm has been undergoing four new developments:  The first concerns diversification of our plantation. We have introduced several exotic citrus fruits as yuzu, kafir lime, sudachi, citrus caviar or finger lime, Meyer lemons, lime, Buddha’s hand, kumquat, Meyer lemon, Wikewa, and others. Our choices are research-based, taste is leading.  The second change is inspired by our precious natural environment. We have no choice but sustainability and therefore started our conversion to organic farming in 2015.

We feel the need for social justice and are happy to be with Sedex-Smeta. Our farm is on a continual journey to improve labour standards, health and safety, environment and business integrity. Transformation of our produce in cooperation with different agro-industrial partners is ongoing. Our partners help us mature and fine tune different products as juices, powders and essential oils.


Our Team

Dr Younes Tazi

Co-owner, responsable for varietal, commercial and agro-industrial development

Mr. Jaouad Hanoun

Representing our good old team of capable men and women from near the river Sebou


Rue Yves Saint Laurent - Res. Tissir, 21 B 5 - 40000 Marrakech,
Tél. : + 212 (0) 661 483 996 - info@terracitrus.bio